Penetrating Concrete Sealers (How They Work, Improvements, and Upkeep)

Penetrating Concrete Sealers (How They Work, Improvements, and Upkeep)

how a concrete sealer works

This text was written and contributed by Concrete Sealers USA. They’re a producer and distributor of their very own model {of professional} grade concrete sealing merchandise which might be offered nationwide to contractors, architects, engineers, applicators and do-it-yourselfers.

Traditionally, penetrating sealers for concrete weren’t used for stain safety as they solely supply partial or restricted safety. The reason being that penetrating sealers don’t type a movie, membrane, or coating on a floor.

As an alternative, they penetrate or soak up right into a floor, chemically react with it, after which create a brand new chemical stable that serves as a breathable barrier slightly below the highest a part of a floor being sealed.

Whereas penetrating sealers can play an important position in defending and preserving concrete surfaces by strengthening the highest a part of a floor or by preserving the highest a part of a floor from weathering and the weather, with the highest a part of a floor uncovered, contaminants similar to motor oil can nonetheless come into direct contact with a floor handled with a penetrating sealer.

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With earlier generations of penetrating sealers not being oleophobic (resistant to grease), motor oil might soak right into a floor and nonetheless trigger vital staining. As such, topical sealers or coatings had been all the time the “go to” product for spills and stains as a result of they create a bodily barrier on prime of a floor.

This barrier would block contaminants from really coming into contact with a floor and usually stop contaminants from absorbing into the highest a part of the floor which in flip doesn’t permit stains to set in. So long as the topical sealer or coating is pretty chemically resistant, not solely would the concrete floor go unstained however so, too, would the sealer or coating not depart a lot, if any, indicators of staining.

As background, it’s useful to know the position penetrating sealers have performed and the explanations they’ve been mostly used. Penetrating sealers traditionally got here in 2 types:

  1. Densifiers and hardeners similar to sodium silicates, potassium silicates, lithium silicates, and, now extra lately, colloidal silicas.
  2. Water repellents similar to silanes, silane/siloxanes, and siliconates.

The first use of densifiers and hardeners is to strengthen the highest a part of a floor to the depth of penetration to extend the sturdiness, energy, and abrasion resistance of a floor. A standard use is in excessive site visitors/heavy use clean troweled concrete surfaces present in warehouses and distribution facilities.

One other use of densifiers and hardeners is as a sprucing help to harden the highest a part of a floor earlier than it’s subjected to the sprucing course of for burnished/polished concrete surfaces similar to these generally present in Large Field shops.

The principle use of water repellents is to offer a level or measure of safety towards weathering points and limiting the dangerous results of water, moisture, salts/deicing chemical substances, scaling/spalling, freeze/thaw harm.

They will additionally assist reduce down on filth construct up and mildew/mildew. They’re used extensively in out of doors and exterior purposes the place topical sealers and coatings usually fail or don’t maintain up nicely as a consequence of UV degradation or by prematurely peeling and delaminating.


PS100 review concrete sealer

PS100 Fluorinated Water, Oil, & Salt Repellent from Concrete Sealers USA is a brand new breed of penetrating sealers. PS100, and merchandise prefer it, are technically a water repellent. Nonetheless, as a substitute of being a by-product of the silicone chemistry like silanes, silane/siloxanes, and siliconates, merchandise just like the PS100 are comprised of the chemical fluorine.

These sealers are uniquely hydrophobic (repel water) and oleophobic (resistant to grease) as a substitute of being simply hydrophobic like conventional silicone primarily based water repellents. Fluorinated sealers nonetheless solely supply partial or restricted safety in comparison with topical sealers or coatings that present absolute or most safety. However, the fluorinated sealers typically present all of the safety of silicone primarily based penetrating water repellents with the added benefit of far larger safety towards spills and stains particularly from motor oil.

Contaminants like motor oil will nonetheless come into contact with a floor handled with a fluorinated penetrating sealer however they won’t readily soak up right into a floor as a result of the fluorine enormously limits the penetration of the contaminant into the floor. Any such sealer affords wonderful “maintain out” and stain resistance, specifically, for oil and grease.

Any such concrete sealer gives affordable alternative to wash up unintended spills thereby eliminating most staining or not less than limiting to lighter floor stains that may be pulled out with concrete cleaner.

Prolonged publicity can result in potential staining, absorption, or floor etching so it’s nonetheless necessary to wash ups spills as quickly as potential to additional reduce the possibility of potential staining.

Fluorinated merchandise just like the PS100 will be 2-3 instances dearer than a regular silicone water repellent at 25-30 cents per sq. ft. vs. 10-15 cents per sq. ft. Nonetheless, one of these sealer makes for a really value efficient answer when searching for some measure of stain safety in comparison with costly topical coatings like epoxies that begin out at $1-2 per sq. ft. for DIY kits and may go as much as $5-6 per sq. ft. for professionally put in programs.

The topical coatings clearly would supply far superior safety towards spills or stains than a fluorinated penetrating sealer. Nonetheless, they do include a steep value, are troublesome to put in, require vital upkeep, and may prematurely fail as a consequence of peeling, chipping, and delaminating.


garage floor penetrating sealer

Fluorinated penetrating sealers just like the PS100 present finest outcomes on clean troweled, dense surfaces like warehouse flooring, storage flooring, workshop flooring, pole barn/shed flooring, and so on. The fluorinated sealer together with a decent floor work collectively to restrict penetration of contaminants right into a ground.

That is one cause why warehouse flooring are tightly machine troweled to start with as dense and tight surfaces present a sure degree of base safety previous to even making use of a sealer that then affords further safety.


Since penetrating sealers just like the PS100 nonetheless depart the highest a part of a floor uncovered and don’t supply a bodily barrier on the highest a part of a floor like a topical sealer/coating, upkeep program is beneficial to realize finest outcomes.

Such a program would come with getting at spills as quickly as potential, utilizing impartial cleaners or degreasers to assault stains immediately, retaining a clear floor by periodic sweeping or hosing down a floor throughout the 12 months as wanted, and through winter months in chilly climate climates, not utilizing or limiting using salts or deicing chemical substances, and squeegeeing out contaminants dragged in from roads (ex. snow, ice, slush, salts, highway grit, and so on.) in a well timed style.

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Letting these contaminants sit on the ground for prolonged intervals of time might result in potential long run hurt to a ground that’s solely partially shielded from a penetrating sealer. Higher care and upkeep can go a protracted technique to avoiding hurt to a ground that’s in any other case simply preventable.

Widespread sense measures for added safety the place wanted may make a giant distinction within the efficiency and upkeep of penetrating sealers just like the PS100. Such measures embrace utilizing rugs/mats in greater site visitors areas like entrances/exits and using spill/containment trays or oil absorbent mats in areas the place fluids are more likely to leak or spill.

garage containment mat

In areas of the nation that have extraordinarily harsh winters, for added safety and ease of unpolluted up, utilizing parking mats that may be rolled out throughout the winter months (and rolled again up the remainder of the 12 months) and positioned over an space the place the automobiles park can additional help in guarding a floor, particularly in unheated garages, from the dangerous results of snow, ice, slush, salts, highway grit, and so on. that falls off autos after they’re parked.

Contaminants are saved or contained throughout the parking mat and additional remove pointless and avoidable hurt executed to a ground that’s solely partially protected with a penetrating sealer. Using a storage ground mat additionally permits for contaminants to be extra simply squeegeed away or cleaned up with out leaving a messy ground.

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