Stress Washer Nozzle Tip Information (with Chart)

Stress Washer Nozzle Tip Information (with Chart)

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pressure washer nozzles

Some of the vital components of any strain washer is the nozzle. These small parts compress the water right into a V-shaped spray, however with the right measurement, they will do a complete lot extra.

There are actually dozens of strain washer tips about the common sizing chart. Luckily, most of those gained’t be wanted by the common house owner and merely present further choices when commonplace ideas aren’t performing correctly along with your washer. 

Usually talking, you’ll solely ever want certainly one of seven nozzle sizes. Better of all, 5 of those are normally color-coded for fast job matching and virtually all the greatest strain washers offered right this moment embrace them.

The Secret of Stress Washer Nozzles

The aim of a strain washer is to offer water at a better price of motion. Nevertheless, that alone doesn’t create the strain wanted. Affixing a nozzle to the wand tip has the same impact as placing a thumb over a part of your backyard hose.

The smaller opening created by the nozzle ends in much less water popping out than is being equipped. When utilizing a nozzle, the water comes out at a vastly elevated strain. The fan-shaped unfold supplied by most nozzles improves the quantity of floor space coated by the spray, however reduces the general water strain in consequence.

Dwelling customers will usually use energy washers operating from 1,500 to three,500 PSI whereas energy wash companies and business customers will need one thing that begins at round 4,000 PSI and go up from there.

Industrial energy washers additionally exist which may spray water at extremely excessive pressures. An influence washer offering 20,000 to 50,000 PSI is named a water blaster and would doubtless lower your automobile in two for those who tried to clean with it. Thus we gained’t hassle speaking about them right here.

Stress Washer Spray Sample Suggestions

pressure washer tip spray patterns

Most strain washer customers will at most solely require six completely different nozzles. These consist of 5 angle ideas that are color-coded and one particular perform tip. A seventh tip is extra of a time saver than something as it might really substitute all different ideas.

red tipCrimson (0° angle)

Crimson ideas are probably the most highly effective and infrequently used for house cleansing. They’ve a small opening with no unfold, leading to a really highly effective jet. The strain is excessive sufficient to wreck or destroy comfortable surfaces and may even lower by way of pores and skin.

Because it’s so highly effective, a crimson tip ought to solely be used for concentrating on robust stains on undressed concrete or stone or excessive, hard-to-reach areas. Utilizing a great concrete cleaner beforehand should still be needed for the hardest stains.

Yellow (15° angle)

yellow tip

Yellow ideas have a barely wider arc than crimson, making them helpful for stripping off outdated paint or eradicating grease and rust. It could additionally get these robust spots wider ideas miss with out inflicting as a lot injury as a crimson tip.

The yellow tip is often used for energy washing robust stains on concrete (driveways, sidewalks, storage flooring, and so forth.), brick, or different stone. It’s a great first step for that deck refinishing undertaking you wish to begin.

Tip: Treating clear, dry concrete with a high quality penetrating concrete sealer will make it a lot simpler to scrub sooner or later.

Inexperienced (25° angle)

green tip

Inexperienced means “go”, and a inexperienced tip will likely be your “go to” for many duties. This nozzle offers the right quantity of strain for many jobs, similar to washing your automobile, or cleansing fences, decks, siding, and out of doors plastic resin furnishings or children play tools. 

White (40° angle)

white tip

White ideas permit for a large space at low strain, making it good for fragile surfaces similar to home windows, screens, flower pots, or plywood surfaces. Because it covers such a big space, it’s the most effective tip to make use of for rinsing off cleaning soap and detergents.

Black (Cleaning soap)

black tip

The ultimate coloured tip, black, is also called the cleaning soap tip. This has the widest angle and a big opening, leading to minimal water strain.

The flip facet to that is that it’s good for making use of detergents and different types of cleaning soap which may simply clog smaller ideas.


rotary nozzle

The rotary or turbo nozzle is a particular tip which has a 25 diploma round spray arc, very similar to a inexperienced tip. Nevertheless, the precise spray comes out in a decent stream, as if it have been a 0 diploma tip.

This spray rotates by way of the arc, permitting it to create excessive strain over a bigger space. It’s sometimes called a rotary nozzle as a consequence of this perform.


adjustable nozzle for pressure washer

Final however not least, the adjustable or multi nozzle works just like commonplace backyard hose nozzle with adjustable spray patterns. Normally marketed as a 5-in-1 or 6-in-1 adjustable nozzle tip, it means that you can simply change between completely different spray patterns on the fly. It affords the identical 1/4″ quick-connect as different strain washer ideas.

You’ll need to buy this separate out of your strain washer, however for some folks, it may be an enormous time saver. Whereas we nonetheless favor particular person ideas when working a strain washer, the Instruments Professional 6-in-1 is among the greatest adjustable spray nozzle for strain washers yow will discover.

Stress Washer Nozzle Chart (Residential)

Tip Shade Makes use of
Crimson Robust concrete stains, excessive and exhausting to achieve areas, eradicating weeds between cracks.
15° Yellow Common concrete/brick/stone cleansing, paint stripping, rust elimination.
25° Inexperienced Washing vehicles, cleansing siding, decks, patios, fences, and out of doors furnishings.
40° White Cleansing home windows, screens, plywood, out of doors flower pots, and different fragile surfaces. Good for rinsing off detergent.
60° Black Making use of cleaning soap or detergent to any floor as a pre-wash. Might want to use one other tip to take away grime or rinse off.
Rotary Black or Blue Similar makes use of as a crimson tip but it surely covers a bigger space. Regardless that the spray sample seems wider, care should be taken.
Adjustable Black See makes use of above relying on which spray sample you choose on the nozzle.

Stress Washer Nozzle Chart (Business)

There’s actually just one state of affairs the place it’s possible you’ll want to use a unique nozzle along with your strain washer than these listed right here. Most people will doubtless by no means must however for some business or industrial functions, it’s possible you’ll want to make use of particular tip sizes. Too small of a nozzle might injury your tools whereas too massive of a nozzle will compromise its cleansing capacity.

The usage of a strain washer nozzle measurement chart (just like the one under) is really helpful to search out the right nozzle measurement when you already know your strain washer’s PSI and GPM (gallons per minute) scores.

Nozzle Dimension

Gallons Per Minute (GPM)

1000 PSI

1500 PSI

2000 PSI

2500 PSI

3000 PSI

3500 PSI

4000 PSI

5000 PSI

1 0.50 0.61 0.71 0.79 0.87 0.94 1.00 1.12
1.5 0.75 0.92 1.06 1.19 1.30 1.40 1.50 1.68
2 1.00 1.22 1.41 1.58 1.73 1.87 2.00 2.24
2.5 1.25 1.53 1.77 1.98 2.17 2.34 2.50 2.80
3 1.50 1.84 2.12 2.37 2.60 2.81 3.00 3.35
3.5 1.75 2.14 2.47 2.77 3.03 3.27 3.50 3.91
4 2.00 2.45 2.83 3.16 3.46 3.74 4.00 4.47
4.5 2.25 2.76 3.18 3.56 3.90 4.21 4.50 5.03
5 2.50 3.06 3.54 3.95 4.33 4.68 5.00 5.59
5.5 2.75 3.37 3.89 4.35 4.76 5.14 5.50 6.15
6 3.00 3.67 4.24 4.74 5.20 5.61 6.00 6.71
6.5 3.25 3.98 4.60 5.14 5.63 6.08 6.50 7.27
7 3.50 4.29 4.95 5.53 6.06 6.55 7.00 7.83
7.5 3.75 4.59 5.30 5.93 6.50 7.02 7.50 8.39
8 4.00 4.90 5.66 6.32 6.93 7.48 8.00 8.94
8.5 4.25 5.21 6.01 6.72 7.36 7.95 8.50 9.50
9 4.50 5.51 6.36 7.12 7.79 8.42 9.00 10.06
9.5 4.75 5.82 6.72 7.51 8.23 8.89 9.50 10.62
10 5.00 6.12 7.07 7.91 8.66 9.35 10.00 11.18
11 5.50 6.74 7.78 8.70 9.53 10.29 11.00 12.30
12 6.00 7.35 8.49 9.49 10.39 11.22 12.00 13.42
13 6.50 7.96 9.19 10.28 11.26 12.16 13.00 14.53
14 7.00 8.57 9.90 11.07 12.12 13.10 14.00 15.65
15 7.50 9.19 10.61 11.86 12.99 14.03 15.00 16.77
20 10.00 12.25 14.14 15.81 17.32 18.71 20.00 22.36
25 12.50 15.31 17.68 19.76 21.65 23.39 25.00 27.95
30 15.00 18.37 21.12 23.72 25.98 28.06 30.00 33.54
40 20.00 24.49 28.28 31.62 34.64 37.42 40.00 44.72
50 25.00 30.62 35.36 39.53 43.30 46.77 50.00 55.90
60 30.00 36.74 42.43 47.43 51.96 56.12 60.00 67.08

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