Gentle Bulb Base Sizes (w/ Charts)

Gentle Bulb Base Sizes (w/ Charts)

light bulb base sizes

Have you ever ever had a light-weight burn out and located you didn’t know what sort of bulb it took? Or maybe you had been digging by means of a drawer and located a bulb and weren’t positive what it went to. Worry not, as a result of pairing bulbs and bases isn’t as sophisticated because it first appears.

Bulbs are usually categorized by three issues: dimension, form, and base sort. Because of this, the names of bulbs comply with a easy sample of type-size, with the bottom dimension normally being measured in millimeters (imperial measurements might seem on packaging within the US, however gained’t essentially be mirrored within the bulb’s identify.

Be aware: We’re utilizing the time period “bulb” very loosely right here, as many gentle fittings not have a bulb form.

We gained’t be getting too far into bub shapes right here, as you may get totally different bulb shapes for a similar socket. You’ll run throughout designations corresponding to A-19 (an ordinary gentle bulb) or G-16.

On this case, the designation goes by shape-size, with the quantity being a a number of of a base measurement (for instance, 1/8″). Thus, a G-16 bulb might have an E-12 base, that means it’s globe-shaped however requires an E-12 base (socket). You might also have an A formed bulb with an E-12 base.

As you’ll be able to see, realizing the bulb form/dimension isn’t crucial for pairing a bulb and its socket. The exception is when the bulb wants to suit right into a confined house, corresponding to in your kitchen vary hood or overhead storage lighting. However that may usually be guessed by noting the scale and form of the house. Maybe we’ll cowl the subject in additional depth one other day.

Edison Sockets

edison base sizes
Edison Base Examples (credit score)

Once you consider a light-weight bulb, you’re most likely pondering of an Edison (screw-base) bulb. These are available in a spread of sizes, however three particularly are generally used within the us: the E12 “candelabra”, E26 “medium”, and E39 “mogul”.

Whereas most screw bulbs have a single contact, a number of have a double contact. These could also be recognized with a “d” on the finish of the identify (corresponding to E26d)

Edison Socket Sizes Chart

Dimension Identify Widespread Makes use of Different Names/Notes
E5 Lilliput Edison Screw (LES) ornamental, indicators AKA “midget”
E10 Miniature Edison Screw (MES) bicycle lights, flashlights AKA “miniature screw”
E11 Mini-Candelabra Edison Screw (mini-can) 120v halogen mini candelabra
E12 Candelabra Edison Screw (CES) 120v candelabra, night time lamp AKA “candelabra”, C7 widespread US socket
E14 Small Edison Screw (SES) 230v candelabra, chandelier, night time lamp, pendant gentle
E17 Intermediate Edison Screw (IES) 120v home equipment AKA “intermediate”, C9
E26 Edison Screw (ES or MES) normal 120v lights AKA “medium”, commonest US socket
E27 Edison Screw (ES) normal 230v lights AKA “european intermediate”
E29 Admedium Edison Screw (ES) particular functions like UV highlight lamps
E39 Sing-contact Goliath Edison Screw (GES) 120v 250+ W industrial AKA “mogul”, widespread US socket
E40 Goliath Edison Screw (GES) 230v 250+ W industrial

Bi-Pin Sockets

Bi-Pin Base Examples

Historically used for LED and fluorescent lights corresponding to warehouses, storage ceilings, or low basement ceilings, bi-pin (AKA two-pin) sockets have come to prominence on account of Californian laws requiring all new building to make use of GU24 sockets. All bi-pin sockets are designated with a G, hailing again to when the bulbs had been made utilizing glass. Best garage services

Bi-Pin sockets are a bit of extra sophisticated, as sorts require two totally different measurements: the space between the middle of each pins, and the diameter of the pin. The quantity after the G signifies what number of millimeters lengthy the pins are.

Be aware that the pin size (G#) and pin spacing are sometimes, however not at all times, equivalent. Bases with a GY designation are about half a millimeter longer than their G counterpart. For probably the most half, G and GY bulbs are absolutely interchangeable regardless of this distinction.

GU sockets embody clip grooves and are designed for a rounded bulb backside, whereas GZ match squared bottoms.GU bulbs will usually match into the equal GZ base, however not vice versa. GX sockets and bulbs are equivalent to GU, besides the GX bulb lacks any grooves.

Some sockets supply a twist-lock function. For these, the pins of the accompanying bulb embody a wider tip that locks it in place when the bulb’s twisted.

Bi-Pin Socket Sizes Chart

Designation Pin Diameter Pin Spacing Widespread Makes use of
G4/GY4 .65 – .75mm 4mm 5-20w small halogen quarts capsules
GU4/GZ4 .95 – 1.05mm 4mm MR8 and MR11
G5 n/a 5mm T4 or T5 fluorescent bulbs
G5.3 1.47 – 1.65mm 5.33mm
GU5.3/GX5.3 1.45 – 1.60mm 5.33mm 20-50w small halogens, corresponding to MR16
GY5.3 flat pins 5.33mm
G6.35/GX6.35/GZ6.35 0.95 – 1.05mm 6.35mm
GY6.35 1.2 – 1.3mm 6.35mm halogens used for process and panorama lighting
G8 n/a 8mm 35-100w halogen
GY8.6 n/a 8.6mm 100w or much less halogen
G9 n/a 9mm 120v or 230v halogen and LED lamps
G9.5 3.10 – 3.25mm 9.5mm theatrical fixtures
GU10 n/a 10mm 35-50w MR16 halogen; compact fluorescent, LED lamps
GZ10 n/a 10mm provides dichroic filter to GU10; might use GU10 bulbs
G12 2.35mm 12mm theatrical lighting; single-end steel halide lamps
G13 2.35mm 13mm T8/10/12 fluorescent tubes
GX16d n/a 16mm theatrical PAR lamps (mogul finish prong)
G23 2mm 23mm exchange fluorescent PL lamps in recessed canned fixtures
GU24 n/a 24mm twist-lock (self-ballasted compact fluorescent)
G38 11.1mm 38mm high-powered theatrical lamps
GX53 n/a 53mm twist-lock (puck-shaped under-cabinet compact fluorescent; LED lamps)
GX70 n/a 70mm twist-lock (puck-shaped compact fluorescent, LED lamps)

Bayonet Sockets

bayonet base sizes
Bayonet Base Examples

Bayonets are available in three flavors, all counting on a twist-lock design. Most bayonet bulbs have a pin on both aspect of the bottom which locks it into the socket when twisted.

On some bases, the pins are barely offset to make sure the bulb solely suits a technique into the socket. On others, the bottom has three pins to discourage theft.

The bayonet design locks extra securely, making these fixtures extra helpful in high-vibration conditions than Edison bases. Widespread functions are automobiles, road lighting, and flashlights. Check this

Bayonets are designated by BA, the diameter of the bottom, and should embody a suffix of “s” for single contact or “d” for double contact. A “-3” on the finish signifies three prongs. The BA could also be adopted by an extra letter designating pin place, corresponding to:

  • U – The pins are on the similar stage however are offset by 60 levels.
  • Y – The pins are throughout from one another, however one pin is greater on the bottom than the opposite.
  • Z – One pin is greater than the opposite, and the pins are offset by 60 levels

Bayonet Base Sizes Chart

BA7 B8 BA9 BA9s BAX9s BAY9s
BAU9s BAW9s BAZ9s B15s B15d BA15
BAU15 BAU15s BAW15 BAX15d BAY15d BAZ15
BAZ15d BA15s-3 BA15d-3 BA20 BA21 B22s
B22d B22d-3 BY22d

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